Creative Mike The Rapper

Michael Anthony Loyd Jr (born June 20, 1984) is the CEO of Dope Coffee Company and is also an American rapper, singer, songwriter, and record producer. Creative Mike released his initial solo project, The Mike Loyd Report, in 2005 while a student at Wake Forest University in Shorty’s Cafe, the first and only Hip Hop release party to date on the campus. Following college, Creative Mike chose to drop his music career to raise his family and joined the Marine Corps in 2010. In 2012, he deployed to Afghanistan, a move that would change the way he looked at the world and how we treat each other. 

In August 2019, Creative Mike re-released a remastered version of The Mike Loyd Report as, Loyd - a 5 track EP on all major streaming platforms. Since 2018 Creative Mike has been working on his return solo project, The Black Jesus EP, which is heavily inspired by his desire to see a change in the way that his community thinks. 

Creative Mike began his career singing and writing gospel songs during his youth. As a child, he would take the hymnals home from church and use them to compose his own songs. He trained on Trumpet but eventually dropped the arts for sports and became a High School National Champion and 7 Time State Champion

Creative Mike has also developed other ventures, including an e-commerce brand Dope Coffee Company,  Solar Cafe - a drive-thru coffee chain and is soon launching an apparel line for Urban Veteran Wear called Cover.

Creative Mike The Rapper is an independent artist sponsored by Dope Coffee, Why I Create, Break The Wealth Gap, and Ironbound Boxing.

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Creative Mike is married to Chel.

Creative Mike is married to Chel.