Web TV & Mini Series

Web TV Show The Best Rapper Alive by Executively Produced by Creative Mike The Rapper and Dope Coffee TV.

Get ready for Season 1 of The Best Rapper Alive Show is a new show coming to Twitch TV hosted by Creative Mike The Rapper and produced by Dope Coffee Company & Dope Coffee TV. The Show is a deep dive into the world of Hip-Hop, Cultural Captial, and taking a deeper dive into our 

On each episode, we will invest $5000 into a black-owned company in the Creative CPG space and go behind the scenes with the best rappers in the world who could choose to invest with us.

Show Premieres November 2022 on Twitch TV

Short Film

White Paper Ballot - A short film Executively Produced by Creative Mike The Rapper adopted from White Paper Ballot the song and the Spinach Album.

Starring - Stace Loyd, Creative Mike The Rapper, and Chel
Directed by Joe Skillas